We become Austrian, 2002 Video, 1,56 min

We become Austrian

We become Austrian, 2002 Video, 1,56 min In February 2002 there was a party in the Vienna City Hall for all “New Austrians”, who had just received their Austrian citizenship. I was one of the new Austrians.  The head of Tschuschenkapelle (Viennese music band) tells: „We could translate “tschusch” or … or gypsy means actually…

Sichere Zukunft - Video 16 min, 2005

Sichere Zukunft

Sichere Zukunft – Video 16 min, 2005 A case study of “insufficient“ integration: The woman to whom this documentary is dedicated in 1977 took her three children and left Turkey to follow her husband to Vienna. Since this time, she lives in isolation as a houswife in the family apartment and yearns for home. 28…

Show, 2000/2001 Videoloop, 5,5 min.

Show 2000/2001

Show, 2000/2001 Videoloop, 5,5 min. I have been working on a building site. What could be seen as a documentary of my male collegues just passing by with teir overalls and helmets, carrying drills and tubes, turns out to be a kind of catwalk of workers. A catwalk of everyday life interspersed with sexistic and…

Schuhplattler, 2000 Videoinstallation, 12,5 min


Schuhplattler, 2000 Videoinstallation, 12,5 min Schuhplattler, 2000, 2012 Using the traditional folk dance „Schuhplatteln“ in a small village in Upper Austria, Songül Boyraz investigates rites which are used to confirm collective feelings of solidarity although at the same time they generate a mechanism of exclusion. A sense of belonging to a native place is used…

Masters of War - SONGÜL BOYRAZ

Masters of War

Add Your Heading Text Here Masters of War   In the video at the end of the tunnel, we see children singing the song „Masters of war“ written in 1963 during the early years of the Cold War by Bob Dylan, against the oppressive militarist politics of Eisenhower. Installationview, 4th International Canakkale Biennial, 2014

Judith Video 3 min, 1998


Judith Video 3 min, 1998 Judith There is a central theme in all the works of Songül Boyraz, and this central theme actually combines two questions: To what extent can the human body still be regarded and described as a membrane, that is, an intersection between the body as an area of experience and the…

Intercom, 1997/2000 - SONGÜL BOYRAZ


Intercom, 1997/2000 Installation, video, 7 min Spiegelt die Sozialwohnung fundamentale Strukturen des Sozialstaates wider, so der Gemeindebau fundamentale Strukturen des Nationalstaates, die sich beispielhaft im jahrzehntelangen Zuzugsverbot für AusländerInnen manifestieren. Bis vor kurzem war die in Wien regierende Sozialdemokratie zu feige, den rassistischen Konsens innerhalb der Mehrheitsbevölkerung (die fatale Koppelung von Sozialismus und Volk) aufzubrechen.…

Broken Dreams, 2009 - SONGÜL BOYRAZ

Import Brides

Import Brides – Broken Dreams, 2009 Video installation, drawings on fabric In the multi layered installation work Import Brides – Broken Dreams Songül Boyraz confronts the cultural norms and normalization process(es) that entails additional dilemmas within migrant status, particularly in woman’s situation in gated communities at the edge of exclusionary zones through pointing tensions between the particular and…