We become Austrian, 2002
Video, 1,56 min

In February 2002 there was a party in the Vienna City Hall for all “New Austrians”, who had just received their Austrian citizenship. I was one of the new Austrians. 

The head of Tschuschenkapelle (Viennese music band) tells:
„We could translate “tschusch” or … or gypsy means actually roma, roma means human. So one could say in a pessimistic way, there is no happiness for man. But we are, we are a little different. We say yes, we know very well yes, marching there, yes there is happines, if I become Austrian then I am happy, right? So … in this sense – all the best.“

I am one of the „New Austrians“.
I am coming from Turkey.
I am coming from Ex-Yugoslawia.
I am from Nigeria.
I from Eygpt.
We are all from Austria. We are the „New Austrians“.
But we are different.
What makes us different?
Our religion, our culture or completely how we look like.
Wealth or poverty
The acceptance and/or the tollerance are indifferent.