Import Brides – Broken Dreams, 2009
Video installation, drawings on fabric

In the multi layered installation work Import Brides – Broken Dreams Songül Boyraz confronts the cultural norms and normalization process(es) that entails additional dilemmas within migrant status, particularly in woman’s situation in gated communities at the edge of exclusionary zones through pointing tensions between the particular and the universal habituality to surface.

This contains a reformulation of a new order of reference and geographically re-oriented cultural production from what rules migrants’ embodied experiences: “becoming” to a new kind of circularity of potential futures.

In epistemological portrayal of her plain conduct video home interviews make us to witness segregation nestle side by side into a myriad of sources to sketch. The temporalities and ‘positionalities’ marked by different constituent characteristics that make up distinct processes of social transformation. This is where the challenge is to go beyond at the intersection of enduring paradoxes of historical moments and ‘moments of crisis’ when relatively embedded social structures in which new constellations appear in relegating them to some place else, mapped out in: “what one is becoming and through which one becomes.”
Gülsen Bal

Broken Dreams, 2009 - SONGÜL BOYRAZ
Broken Dreams, 2009 – SONGÜL BOYRAZ


Intallation views, Open Space, Vienna